What should I do to prepare for a power outage?

- Know where your flashlights are located and make sure the batteries work.

- Have a battery operated or hand crank radio available.

- Have extra batteries, a hand crank can opener and wind up clock available.

- Have a telephone available that does not require electricity. This is especially true for the elderly or those with special health needs. (Cordless phones require electricity to operate).

- Turn off electrical appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions and computers. This will help avoid power spikes when electrical service is restored. Wait 15 minutes after restoration of power before turning on appliances.

- Avoid opening the refrigerator/freezer. Food will stay frozen for 36 - 48 hours in a fully loaded freezer if the door stays closed.

- Neighborhood Fire Stations have emergency power and are available for those with special needs.

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