Farmer's Market Application

Ephraim Artisan Market booths fees are FREE for 2023! The market will be from 9-12 on Saturdays until October 14th (with the exclusion of September 16th where we will not be holding the market). There are currently no restrictions on the size you want for your booth. The location is in Pioneer Park. ALL FOOD VENDORS MUST HAVE A FOOD HANDLERS PERMIT AND INSURANCE. Please contact Hannah (435-851-5549) with any questions or if you need help with resources to get insurance, proper labeling instructions, food handlers permit, etc. 

Farmer's Market Application

  1. EIN number or a Social Security Number

  2. Do you have an active Food Handlers Permit from the state of Utah?*

    If you are selling food, please provide a copy of your active Food Handlers Permit from the state of Utah with the completed application.

  3. Does your business have insurance?*

    All vendors are required to have insurance to participate in the Farmers Market. Vendors must submit a copy of the certificate of insurance with the submission of the application. All vendors are required to include ‘Ephraim City’ as an additional insured on all policies.

  4. Have you or to the best of your knowledge, a member of your staff ever been convicted of a felony?*
  5. I agree to sell only that merchandise which is part of this application. There are no guarantees regarding preference for space location. There are no guarantees of duplicate independent sales companies. Ephraim City reserves the right to deny all applications before and after application approval. Ephraim City reserves the right to deny the sale of any item if deemed necessary. There are no vehicles allowed in or around booth spaces. I, undersigned, agree to comply with the Utah State Tax regulation. The Utah State Tax Commission will mail out temporary tax licenses after the event. Failure to return a completed temporary tax license to the Utah State Tax Commission may result in no invitation to future farmers markets. I, undersigned, agree that Ephraim City shall be in any way, manner, or amount, responsible for theft, damage, or destruction to application’s merchandise or equipment on site, however arising. Each vendor is responsible for any damages to or from your booth and/or product. Booth space must be clean and garbage free upon the conclusion of each event. Vendors are prohibited from smoking within their designated vendor area or within 25 feet of any other vendor booth. Failure to comply with this agreement may result in immediate removal from the market as well as any associated civil and/or criminal penalties.

    By submitting this document, I agree to the terms listed above.

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