Ephraim City Division of Animal Services

  1. Sanpete County Dispatch

    Please use this number for all animal pickup requests – it is the main number to find resources in order to respond to your request for assistance. This is the non-emergency number for the coordination of human resources in order to dispatch a response to your location. All cities in Sanpete County use this method to receive non-emergency assistance for all county and city government resources.

  2. Stephen Brandt

    During business hours this number can help with any questions you may have regarding animal control within the city limits of Ephraim.

Division Of Animal Control Logo

Welcome to the City of Ephraim Animal Control and Services Unit

 The mission of the Ephraim City Animal Control and Services Unit is to provide the citizens of Ephraim, Utah with effective and cost-efficient animal services by active enforcement of state and local laws, the humane sheltering and disposal of stray and unwanted animals, and the promotion of responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

 The primary objective of Animal Services employees is to provide quality service to the citizens while dedicating themselves to improving the co-existence of animals and humans.

 Other objectives are to :

 1. Maintain the highest quality of services to the community.

 2. Relieve the pain and suffering of animals.

 3. Promote responsible pet ownership.

 4. Increase public awareness of animal issues.

 5. Co-operation with Breed Rescue / Animal Welfare Organizations.

 6. Continue training and education for management and staff.

Animal Fees

Animal Fees [Section F]

Animal Release Policy

Please contact the Ephraim City Police Department during business hours (435-283-4602) or you can send email to: animal.control@ephraimcity.org. After hours you can call Sanpete County Sheriffs Office (Dispatch 435-835-2345), however animal release is only during regular business hours (by appointment). Fees and/or fines shall be paid to the City (5 S Main Street) prior to release of the animal, upon proof of ownership. Must provide record of current rabies vaccination, City registration is required to claim the animal. The stray hold of 5 (five) business days must expire (excluding weekends and holidays) prior to rehoming through adoption or rescue services  We will release the animal to a verified owner or guardian (with valid and verifiable Photo ID). Release is through appointment ONLY during regular business hours (M-F / excluding Holidays and Weekends). Kenneling and Pickup Fees, along with any needed or necessary Veterinarian cost will be applied prior to release of the animal (paid to City) to the owner or guardian. Once fees are paid (payment over the phone or in person), processing paperwork for release of animal will be via agreed upon appointment with the Animal Control Officer. Citations (warning or fine based) may be issued at time of release, if warranted.

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