2021 City Elections

Ephraim City Notice of Election

Ephraim City has one (1) four-year Mayor position and two (2) four-year Council positions open for the 2021 Ephraim Municipal Election. The Declaration of Candidacy period has expired. For more information, please contact the City Recorder Leigh Ann Warnock at 283-4631 or leighann.warnock@ephraimcity.org.

The following have filed for candidacy in the 2021 Ephraim municipal election:

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Mayor Candidates Email Office
John Scott scottjg@churchofjesuschrist.org Mayor
City Council Candidates Email Office
Donny Durrant durrantd@protonmail.com Councilmember
Margie O. Anderson margieanderson73@gmail.com                      Councilmember
Wendel Evan Smith wendel@rebootcenters.org   Councilmember
S. Lloyd Stevens snowman@haystackmtn.com      Councilmember

Candidate Financial Statements

2021 Financial Statements

Final 2021 Candidate Financial Statements